The Domino Effect

When the first domino is tipped just a bit, it falls and triggers a cascade of other pieces that follow its lead in rhythmic fashion. The domino effect applies to many things, including events in a novel and the way scenes are written. In fact, if you look at a novel or story in terms of dominoes, you can see that every scene should logically come before the next one. It should be a part of the whole picture that advances the plot and creates an emotional beat for your readers.

Domino is a popular game played by two or more people. In most games, 28 tiles are shuffled together to form the “stock” or the “boneyard,” and each player then draws seven dominoes. The players take turns picking dominoes from the stock until they find an opening double. Typically, the highest double (for example, a double six) is picked. Then each player starts placing their dominoes in a chain, with the top domino touching the other dominos on each side.

The chains develop into snake-like patterns as the players play their dominoes. It’s important to note that any domino with a blank side can be placed on either end of the chain and can only be matched with another domino that has matching blank sides. Dominoes with numbered ends must also be placed in the proper order. This is the reason why it is important to check the game rules for each type of domino game you play.

In addition to being a fun family activity, domino can help students understand basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction. To demonstrate this, the teacher can ask the class to count the number of dots on each domino and then name an addition equation that corresponds to the total number of dots on both ends of the domino. Students can then use the same process to identify an addition or subtraction problem when a domino is placed upside down.

As a business, Domino’s knows how important it is to listen to customers and respond to their needs. When the company began to lose market share to other pizza-delivery companies, founder and CEO David Brandon knew what needed to be done. He focused on the customer experience, and he put a premium on listening to his employees and responding to their feedback. This included implementing new leadership training programs, relaxing the dress code and talking to employees directly.

In an effort to stay relevant in the marketplace, Domino’s is investing in technology to deliver a new level of service. Their innovation includes purpose-built vehicles to carry pizzas, a robot that can prepare food for delivery and a service that allows customers to order their own pizza through an app. Domino’s is also experimenting with delivery by drone. These are all examples of the Domino effect, and they show how the company continues to adapt to their ever-changing customers’ needs.