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Meet our Authors

Mariana Abeid-McDougall

Mariana Abeid-McDougall is a multi-niche writer, editor, and mom of three in an out-of-the-box, adventurous family. She is currently travelling through the U.S. and Canada while homeschooling her three young children. Learn more about family adventure travel, growing a career as a multi-niche writer, and more at


Furaha Asani

Furaha Asani is a postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Leicester, having obtained a PhD in the field of Immunology. While her career has focused heavily on research she is a passionate writer, focusing on issues surrounding healthcare, higher education, and pop culture in science, all with the theme of equality and equity. Furaha also dabbles in creative writing. Her aim is to create engaging content that evokes interest in a non-specialist audience.


Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill retired in 2014 from practicing law first as an assistant New Hampshire attorney general and then in private practice. He has written for the Sunday Business section of the Concord Monitor, the Chicago Tribune’s digital media organization, Insulin Nation, and Type 2 Nation, where he also served as an editor. He has been a trustee, administrator, and compliance officer for national account employee health insurance and benefit plans and chairman of the governance committees on trustee boards of a secondary school and of a community senior health and activity organization. Jim has been managing type 2 diabetes since 1988, and in May 2018 was diagnosed with diffuse arterial disease.


 Hope Dale

Hope Dale is a freelance writer, dog lover, and Autumn enthusiast. She writes primarily about ethical issues, a habit she developed through studying social and bio-ethics during her Undergraduate degree. She holds a Masters degree in History and is deeply fascinated by the changing attitudes towards disability, mental health, and physical illness in society. This fascination often finds its way into her work. You can follow her on Twitter at @HopeDal3405701.


Norrell Edwards

Norrell Edwards is a freelance writer and editor who is currently working on her PhD in English from the University of Maryland, College Park where she studies 20th and 21st century Black Diaspora Literature. She has written extensively on Haitian literature and memory for various peer-reviewed journals and edited collections. Moving to the DC metropolitan area from the New York metropolitan area has provided Norrell with a love for the vibrancy of big cities. Find out more about her freelance work on and follow her musings on Twitter @Norrellexplains.


Audrey Farley

Audrey Farley is the Editor in Chief of Pens and Needles. She recently earned a PhD in English from University of Maryland, College Park, where she studied contemporary American fiction, popular culture, and the medical humanities. She has written for various peer-reviewed journals in the literary fields, as well as outlets such as Public Books, ASAP/J, and Insulin Nation. She lives with chronic migraine and is the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes. Follow her on Twitter @AudreyCFarley.


Vincent Gabrielle

Vincent Gabrielle used to be paid to hike into abandoned farmsteads in the mountains of California to inspect transmission lines. He graduated with an MS in Immunology and Microbial Disease from Albany Medical College where he researched STING (not the musician, the immunoreceptor). Somehow he became a social media organizer for The March for Science San Francisco. Deeply addicted to podcasts, Vincent can be found aimlessly wandering the North End of Boston. He just recently completed his coursework for an MS in Science Journalism at Boston University. You can follow him @vincentdgabriel on Twitter. Photo Credit: Meredith Rumore

Zack Haber

Zack Haber is a writer, poet, and substitute teacher who lives in Oakland. They write regularly for The Oakland Post about education, police misconduct, and homelessness and housing. They’ve also published articles in Teen Vogue, Left Voice and Entropy. Their poetry appears in small magazines. You can find links to some of their writing on their website, Twitter @ZZZZZZZZZZZack, IG @zackhaber


Anna Hamilton

Anna Hamilton is a writer and disability advocate based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her essays have appeared in BitchTeen Vogue, and Shondaland, among other publications. Her hobbies include reading, taking her Yorkshire Terrier, Noodle, on meandering walks, and seeing how long she can sit on an exercise ball before awkwardly falling off of it. You can follow her on Twitter at @annaham360 and keep up with her many medical adventures by following her blog at


DeLisa Hawkes

DeLisa D. Hawkes is a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department at the University of Maryland. Her research centers on representations of intraracial tensions in nineteenth-century African American literature. Taking an interdisciplinary approach that relies on archival and literary sources, Hawkes’s dissertation examines the work of authors who experimented with tropes of racial passing and colorism to critique the liminal condition of African Americans as “second-class citizens.” Her research and teaching interests include nineteenth-century African American and American literatures, law and literature, historical fiction, critical race studies, gender, and critical trauma studies. Follow her on Twitter @DeLisaDHawkes and visit her website.


Clair Irwin

Clair Irwin has lived with diabetes for 16 years. She is using her experiences to serve the state of Illinois as the IL #insulin4all chapter leader, and will be soon be a doctoral candidate, researching how to improve libraries for people with disabilities. Clair lives in Champaign, IL with her husband and two cats.



Theodoros Karasavvas

Graduating from law school, serving in the Greek Navy, and excelling in martial arts weren’t enough to keep Theo away from his first love: writing. His work has appeared in Ars Technica, Gizmodo, Ozy, and Mental Floss, among other outlets. He is the proud single father of a beautiful boy and is highly addicted to hot chocolate, great-smelling cologne, traveling, martial arts, and films. You can find him on twitter at @Theodorosll.


Isha Karki

Isha Karki is a writer and editor based in London. She recently completed a MLitt degree focusing on representations of women, violence, and trauma in South Asian literature and film. Prior to that, she worked in publishing. Find her on Twitter @IshaKarki11.



Tucker Legerski

Tucker grew up in the Rocky Mountain U.S. where he earned a BA from Colorado State University. Since then, he’s served in Americoprs, Peace Corps Mongolia, and worked for a nonprofit in NYC serving patients and families in children hospitals. He’s currently a nonfiction writer and a graduate student at University of Alabama where he’s working on a large writing project about insulin and healthcare. He also writes about the environment, small towns, animals, food and culture, and medical care, among other things. Please follow him on Twitter: @TuckerLegerski


Alexis McGowan

Alexis Corine McGowan goes by the nickname Dr. Cutie Pie to build self-confidence. Dr. Cutie Pie is a disabled multiracial individual who would like to leave a legacy that makes her cat-children proud and inspires the following generations. Being created by stardust supported by the people reminds Dr. Cutie Pie to stay humble and enjoy life’s prosperous galaxy.


Liss Morales

Liss Morales is a Freelance Writer, Music Journalist, Founder of lifestyle blog Liss Morales, and Co-Founder of, the non-profit charitable organisation, The Sister Mums. She is a self-taught writer, who aims to use her ability to raise awareness about topics that she feels are important. She is also a music journalist, writing for GRUNGECAKE and Link Up TV. She lives with fibromyalgia and a constant fight against depression, which motivates her to raise awareness of chronic illness and mental health. Follow her on Twitter @bboogie__.


Ray Mwareya

Ray Mwareya is a freelance reporter working in Montreal, Canada, among its refugee community. His work appears in The GuardianReutersThe New York Times, and other outlets.



Emily Pisacreta

Emily Pisacreta is a New Yorker, a Type 1 diabetic, and a student at Columbia Journalism School, focusing on health care and social justice issues. Follow her on Twitter: @emilypisacreta.



 Rosemary Richings

Rosemary Richings is a copywriter, editor, and content strategist for the web, based in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. However, she is also known for her love of travel, and will sometimes work far away from home. She works with a combination of E-Commerce and retail business owners, eager to use their products to improve the lives of their community. Her work has been featured on sites such as Buffer and Search Engine Journal, and she has worked with clients such as Yellowpages Canada and E-Bay. On an ongoing basis, she also produces content for her blog, Rosie Writing Space, and her podcast, People Behind the Business; both platforms are a source of guidance for independent business owners that need help with “putting themselves out there” without a large budget to work with. For more info about her work, check out her website



Soek is a Southerner with a penchant for understanding the critical intersections of culture, race, and gender. You can find her in a bookstore between Virginia and Florida. Follow Soek on Twitter @soek_writes.



Erin Thomas

Erin Thomas is completing her Master’s thesis at the Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. She has worked in health policy research for the Australian Government and has worked across the not-for-profit sector in mental health and disability advocacy. You can follow her work at


Karyn Wofford

Karyn Wofford has been a Type 1 diabetic for nearly 20 years. She spends her time writing about the disease and other lifestyle topics, as well as advocating for insulin accessibility. She works to balance her job, blood sugar levels and the costs of illness, which greatly influences her life, everyday. Her passion for healthcare access is driven by personal experience and those she’s met along the the way.